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George Mells joined Coerver® Coaching at the age of six in 2004, where he first participated on a Holiday Clinic before progressing all the way through to the Performance Academy. He participated in his local Coerver® programme until 2007 after which he moved to New South Wales to attend Westfield High who offered George a scholarship largely based on the skills that he had developed during his time with Coerver® and playing regular Futsal.

George continued his football education with Coerver® until he moved to England to pursue his career in football where he was signed to the academy of Premier League giants Chelsea FC. George then moved to Southampton FC at the age of 14 and his hard work and determination paid off when he managed to secure a proffesional scholarship with the Saints as well as representing Australia at under 17 International level.

George’s Coerver® coach, Dieter Svoboda, said “When George first joined our programme it was with our Holiday Clinic programme which soon followed on to the Skills Clinics and finally the Academy program that same year. From a group consisting of U7, U8 and U9’s George was only 6 Year old but could match it with all the Coerver kids. As the months went on you could tell that he was working very hard at home with his practices as he showed remarkable improvement over the others. We at Coerver Victoria could see that George had the determination and character at this young age to take him a long way and progress into the highest levels of the game.”

George said “Coerver Coaching taught me skills like the Inside Cut, Outside Cut, Maradona Spin, Cruyff Turn, Step On, Shimmy and the ability to have good vision. I would watch the Coerver tapes and go and practice and practice. I could juggle the big ball 7651 times, tennis ball 2000, squash ball 1800 times”.

“I travelled to New South Wales and participated in the International camps where I made all the Coerver select squads from 2004 to 2007. I believe that the skills which Coerver taught me played a large part in me receiving the 2007 and 2008 Futsal National Championship Canberra MVP and Golden Boot Award”.

George Continued “Coerver taught me respect for my coaches, to have a good attitude, not to complain and to be a good person overall. The skills I learnt got me in a position to represent Australia via the Joeys (U17) 2011 and 2012, but most importantly it got me a contact at one of the biggest clubs in the world (Chelsea FC) and helped me with the placement I have now at Southampton FC, I would like to thank Coerver Coaching as it has been a big part of my development”.

George’s dad, George Senior said “Coerver gave George a structured, disciplined approach and a set of goals which he would practice every day without fail even until now”.

Coerver® Coaching would like to congratulate George for his hard work, dedication and being an excellent ambassador for our programme and someone future Coerver® kids can look up to.

We wish George all the very best with his future playing career.

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Last week saw the first Ever Coerver® Youth Diploma to be delivered in South Africa and the first’s didn’t stop there, this was also the first time that Coerver® Coaching Co- Founders, Alf Galustian and Charlie Cooke have delivered the course together anywhere in the world (see below image).

This fantastic week in South Africa started with Alf and Charlie delivering a clinic for the South African Football Association (SAFA). The session was for participants of the CAF B License and attendees included former and current Women’s National Team players (see below image).

This was not only a great opportunity to introduce the Coerver® Coaching programme to SAFA but to also visit the FNB stadium which hosted the venue the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final as well as the SAFA headquarters in Johannesburg.

The Youth Diploma course was held at the University of Pretoria’s High Performance Centre which provided an excellent venue for the 70 coaches who attended from across South Africa. Support also came in the shape of adidas® South Africa who showcased the latest football products on offer from the world’s leading football brand which proved to be an excellent addition to the course and and was a huge success (see below images).

Coerver® Coaching South Africa Director Cayl Coetsee is extremely pleased with the progress that Coerver® Coaching has already made in South Africa, and very excited about the future. “The Youth Diploma showed the history and solid academic principles that Coerver® was built on. This, coupled to a dedicated and passionate South African team, will ensure the continued growth and success of Coerver® Coaching in South Africa and eventually throughout Africa.”

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Two-time FIFA World Cup™ champion and two-time Olympic Gold medallist, Kristine Lilly, presented Coerver® Coaching Co-Founders Charlie Cooke and Alf Galustian with a letter from FIFA at the NSCAA Convention in Philadelphia last week. The letter is an acknowledgement of Coerver® Coaching’s 30 year contribution to the global development of the game.

Charlie Cooke and Alf Galustian presented with FIFA letter by Kristine Lilly

The letter recognising this achievement says:

“FIFA recognises that it is the dedication and long term commitment of exceptional individuals to youth football development that is critical to the future health and vitality of the modern game. Alf Galustian and Charlie Cooke are two such exceptional individuals.

As Co-Founders of the Coerver Coaching organization, Alf Galustian and Charlie Cooke have brought a gift of skilful football to hundreds of thousands of young people in over 40 countries, and helped thousands of coaches improve their teaching of the core technical skills that form the foundation of the game.

On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Coerver Coaching we are happy to recognise the global contribution Alf Galustian and Charlie Cooke have made to the development of the beauiful game.”

Signed by Walter Gagg, FIFA

Coerver® Coaching is very proud to celebrate its 30th year anniversary in 2014. To kick off the anniversary, over 60 Coerver® Coaching Coaches from across America came together at the NSCAA convention. They were also joined by Shinji Ishibashi, President Coerver® Coaching Asia Pacific, Jason Lancsar, Vice President Coerver® Coaching Asia Pacific, Coerver® Japan Coach, Taki and Scott Wright, Coerver® Coaching UK Director. The event reinforced how Coerver® Coaching has become a truly global brand, now operating in 34 countries in 2014.

Coerver® Coach Education with Alf Galustian and Charlie Cooke, Philadelphia 2014

A major highlight of the weekend was having two-time FIFA World Cup™ champion and two-time Olympic gold medallist, Kristine Lilly with the Coerver® team. Kristine attended all of the Coerver® Coaching events, signing autographs at the exhibition booth and most importantly delivered an excellent Coerver® field session to hundreds of Coaches at the convention.

Fans line up to get Kristine Lilly’s autograph at the Coerver® Coaching booth

Kristine is a legend in the game and still holds the record for most capped men’s or women’s soccer player in the history of the sport. Coerver® Coaching continues to work with Kristine to raise awareness and improve the Women’s game all over the globe.

Kristine Lilly’s Coerver® Coaching Field Session attended by hundreds of Coaches

Coerver® Coaching co-founder Alfred Galustian said, “We are proud of many achievements at top clubs and Federations over the last 30 years, however we are particularly proud is that Coerver Coaching has changed the way Football is taught all round the World. I am also proud that we have provided so many grassroots players and coaches around the world, with a fun method of teaching that improves players, whatever level they may be”.

Coerver® Coaching co-founder Charlie Cooke said, “We would like to thank all of our coaches, players, customers and parents for all of their support since 1984. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our global partners, adidas, for their outstanding support for over 20 years”.

Coerver® Coaching looks forward to many more fantastic events to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
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